Music and Worship

The purpose of the Music Ministry of First Baptist Church Hamilton is to:

  • Lead the people of God through music into a true spirit of worship.

  • Provide an atmosphere in which people can grow musically, but more importanly, spiritually.

  • Provide an opportunity for persons to use their God given talents and abilities for the glory of the Lord. 

You can be afforded the opportunity to use these talents in several ways including:

  • FBC Worship Choir

          The FBC Worship Choir leads in worship each week in our morning worship services. Through this group soloists, duets, ensembles, etc. are also utilized in various ways during the worship services. There are other opportunities of service and ministry through music at FBC including Worship Teams and an upcoming Worship Band, singing solos, and the possibility of playing offertory selections. 

  • FBC Senior Adult Choir

          One of our newest ensembles is our Senior Adult Choir. This group meets weekly for rehearsal on Thursday morning and sings one to two times per month in the evening worship services. These members are also highly involved with our Senior Adult group at FBC. 

  • FBC Children's Choir's

          The music ministry of FBC begins as young as 4 years old. Our Children's Choir program is fully graded through 5th grade and all children are highly encouraged to be a part of this vibrant ministry.

  • FBC Worship Teams

          We have 3 worship teams that help to lead worship in our morning worship services. They are currently on a monthly revolving schedule and each team member is required to be an active member of the FBC Worship Choir. 

  • FBC Worship Band

          Our worship band is made up of individuals who desire to share their talents with the congregation each week in our morning worship services and selected evening services throughout the year. These individuals are auditioned and selected through their participation in the music ministry of the church. 


At First Baptist Church, we believe that the worship service and worship ministry is the front door of the church. Worship should influence how we think and how we feel. The result of the two combine to form an incredible balance. We also believe that worship is a verb, not a noun. In other words, it is something you do, not something you just sit and watch! During woship we desire for you to connect with and encounter God, the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Then leave changed through that encounter with Him!

That is the desire of our worship ministry. For you to encounter and be changed through your worship of the most Holy and loving God. The object of our worship at FBC is Jesus Christ!