What We Do at PRE-K: 

We learn, we color,

We run, we play,

We write, we count,

We laugh, we pray.

We learn to sit, and listen,

And love, and share.

Our teachers are patient, kind

And all of them care!

 Please consider our Pre-K program for your child.


Dear Parent,

I would like to welcome your family to the Pre-Kindergarten program of First Baptist Church. It is our desire to make these first days in your child’s learning experience a precious time of new and exciting experiences. Each day your child will be sheltered and nurtured in a loving Christian environment. Our leaders will seek to engage your child’s mind and heart.

Our Pre-Kindergarten program is just one of many ministries our church offers to families in our community. Families today face challenges that tax the parenting skills of the most seasoned parents. Let us know how we can help you.

Thank you for choosing the Pre-Kindergarten program at First Baptist Church. I look forward to meeting you and your child in the days ahead.


Eddie Davidson