When Jesus Is Lord

1 Peter 3:13-17

1.    When Jesus is Lord, we do not have to fear those who would persecute/oppose us v.13-14

a.    Human enemies

 i.     Many oppose us because they don’t understand us

 ii.     Some oppose us because they are angry with us

 iii.     Some oppose simply because they love their sin

b.    Spiritual enemies 

                   i.     Demons and the devil

c.     They can hurt you physically

d.    They can not touch you spiritually – can not harm

2.    When Jesus is Lord, you will be effective in your witness for Christ v.15

a.    Hope- Christ in you the Hope of Glory

        b.    Heart for the lost

3.    When Jesus is Lord, your conscience is clear v.16

a.    You can not stop people from slandering

b.    You can chose to live without searing your conscience

4.    When Jesus is Lord, your life will be pleasing unto God v.17

a.    Will of God was the most important thing to Jesus

b.    Woman at the well- my meat is to do the will of my Father