The Rock of Our Salvation

1 Peter 2:4-8

1.    Living Stone

a.    Stones are inanimate objects

            i.     America is a land of fads

   ii.     R.A. Torey and little boy

2.    Rejected Stone v. 4&7

a.    Disallowed - means rejected on basis of investigation

b. Discarded

3.    Chosen Stone v.4 & 6

a.    Elect and chosen                                               

4.    Precious Stone v.7

a.    Precious- highly regarded

           i.     To God

          ii.     To man

5.    Corner Stone v.6

a.    Foundation- 

       b.    Last stone to be set

6.    Judgment Stone v.8 

a.    Stumble

b.    Offence- scandaolon

c.     Appointed there- not double predestination