Our Responsibility to God

1 Peter 2:18

  1.    What does it mean to fear God?

a.    Defined- phobeo- to fear

b.    Reverence, awe, in subjection to, paying tribute to

c.     If you are here today without Jesus, you should fear God

d.    Those who are saved have no fear

2.    Why are we to reverence God?

a.    Because of who He is

b.    Because of what He has done

            i.     Author of creation

           ii.     Author of salvation

c.     Because of what He is going to do

3.    How do we show fear toward God?

a.    Life of Obedience

b.    Life of True Praise

          i.     Singing

         ii.     Dancing

        iii.     Clapping

        iv.     Lifted hands

    v.     Fell on their face and praised God