Jesus the Forgiver of Sin

Colossians 1:14

The Forgiver of Sins


1.    The Method of Forgiveness

a.    Luke 7:36-

                   i.     Uninvited- never invited her likes to the house

                  ii.     Unique worship- weeping, washing, worshipping

                 iii.     Jesus knew her- 

b.    Never put out by forgiving sin

                  i.     Never embarrassed

                 ii.     Never overwhelmed or burdened

2.    The Meaning of Forgiveness

a.    To send away, let go, dismiss, cancel out

b.    Forgiveness and remission are interchangeable

c.     Really has two implications

                  i.     Your sin itself is sent away

1.    East is from the west

2.    Hollow of His back

a.    Metaphor

                 ii.     Penalty of sin is gone 

1.    Romans 8:1

3.    The Manifestation of Forgiveness

a.    Ephesians 1:7

       b.    Apart from any of our works

4.    The Mark of Forgiveness- it cost

a.    Hebrews 9:22- remission means forgiveness

                        i.     You can not buy the forgiveness of God

                       ii.     It cost God to forgive you

b.    Hebrew 10:4,5, 10, 17- 

                       i.     You will never see an animal on the Lord’s Table

5.    The Manipulation of Forgiveness

a.    Matthew 12:31