Exhortation to Believers

1 Peter 5:5-8

1.    Humility- v.5

a.    Play on words

b.    Call to humility

        i.     Inward submission

ii.     Attitude of submission- others first

c.     Why should we be humble?

              i.     God resists the proud

1.    Proverbs 6:16-

2.    Proverbs 8:13- 

             ii.     Why does He hate pride?

iii.     Gives grace to the humble

2.    Trust God Completely 

a.    Trust completely- 

        b.    Trust confidently                                          

3.    Resist the Devil v.8

a.    Be sober , be vigilant

        b.    Adversary – anti-righteous

               i.     Opposes our life

              ii.     Opposes our walk

             iii.     Opposes our testimony- slanderer

             iv.     Wanting to swallow you up