“My Faithful Shepherd”

Psalm 23


1.    The Lord Is My Shepherd v.1

a.    A Possession Based On A Relationship

                                               i.     Lord-

                                              ii.     My-     

1.    Shepherd Leads

2.    A Rancher Drives

3.    A Hireling Runs

4.    A Shepherd is the Door

b.    His Provision Based On A Relationship

                                               i.     I shall not want-

2.    The Shepherd Gives Directions and Refreshment v.2-3

a.    Direction

b.    Refreshment

3.    The Shepherd Is My Companion v.4

a.    Imagery

                                               i.     Valley, darkness, shadow, rod and staff

b.    Place, Presence, and Protection

4.    The Shepherd and His Preparation v.5

a.    Table

b.    Anoint

c.     Cup runs over

5.    The Shepherd as My Provision v.6

a.    House-

b.    Characteristics of a satisfied sheep

                                               i.     Proud to belong to Christ

                                              ii.     Feel free to boast about how good Jesus has been

                                            iii.     Look back and recall all the ways God has provided

                                            iv.     We should be proud of the flock we are a part of

c.     Sheep Being Pursued By The Shepherd 6

                                               i.     Goodness

                                              ii.     Mercy

                                            iii.     Goodness

                                            iv.     Mercy

d.    Sheep Being Promised By The Shepherd 6b